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React Native Developer

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Що необхiдно мати:

  • Understanding of CI/CD (principles, instruments).
  • Understanding of ES6/ES7 standards;
  • Understanding and usage REST, SOA concepts;
  • Fluent knowledge of git and platforms;
  • Knowledge of native iOS/Android, including bridging between React Native to native;
  • Experience with state management using Redux / Flux / MobX;
  • Experience making interactive and performant mobile UIs with React Native;
  • Professional experience with React Native (2+ years);
  • 2+ years of experience with development of mobile/web application;
  • Understanding OOP, design patterns;

Буде чудово, якщо ви також маєте:

  • Experience with Unux-based OS.
  • Ability to setup required development environment;
  • Experience with Docker containers;
  • Experience with managing cloud-based (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc.) and in-house server infrastructure;
  • Strong understanding the design principles of distributed applications;
  • Strong understanding | usage of SOLID principles and software design patterns;
  • Experience with high load projects;


  • Choice of technologies, project estimation in the context of certain technologies;
  • Quality control of performed work (code review, tests);
  • Consultations, training and mentoring;
  • Decomposition of complex parts of the project and their development;
  • Research of new technologies / complex components;
  • Participation in internal processes improvement;

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