Назад до списку вакансiй



вся Україна

Що необхiдно мати:

  • Basic understanding of technical processes (e.g. what is a server and how it works, what are domain, cron, script, API, Git etc.)
  • The ability to prioritize tasks and build a work plan according to these priorities.
  • Knowledge and ability to use time management techniques.
  • Strong effective communication skills, ability to apply them in practice.
  • Understanding of product development stages.
  • Good knowledge and ability to put into practice the main Agile project management methodologies (especially Scrum, Kanban).
  • English - Advanced level.

Буде чудово, якщо ви також маєте:

  • Experience in working with foreign clients.


  • Holding all necessary meetings for the project (kick off, planning, daily stand-up, grooming, review, retro).
  • Reporting on the project (internal and external).
  • Project risk management.
  • To manage client's expectations.
  • To motivate a team.
  • Communication with the customer and his representatives.
  • Analysis of team performance.
  • To resolve conflicts with clients and within a team.
  • To communicate with a team and establish the workflow (development, testing, work with requirements).
  • To plan projects according to the standard scheme.
  • Conduct a project within the budget and deadlines of the customer.

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