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PHP developer (Laravel 5+)

вся Україна

Що необхiдно мати:

  • Experience in backend development with РHP (at least 2 year).

Знання та Досвiд:

  • Strong knowledge of PHP 7+, MySQL;
  • Experience with Laravel 5+;
  • Experience with Git;
  • Strong knowledge of UNIX systems at a level higher than just a user (including LAMP setup);
  • Knowledge of basic algorithms (sort, search, etc.);
  • Understanding of OOP and MVC principles;
  • Experience with jQuery/Vue.js;
  • Basic usage of HTML/CSS;
  • English level starting from intermediate.

Буде чудово, якщо ви також маєте:

  • Working practice with 3rd party APIs and services (Google APIs, PayPal, Stripe etc.);
  • DI concept understanding;
  • Development skills in other programming languages;
  • Understanding and practical use of SOLID, DRY, KISS, YAGNI, GRASP;
  • Experience with Docker.

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